Boston Family Advisors establishes and operates Single Family Offices for
Real Estate,
Venture Capital and Private Equity professionals, Entrepreneurs
and those who are building a legacy of wealth.

“When we build, let us think we build forever.”

– John Ruskin (1819-1900)


A singular approach that begins with in-depth research and discovery to identify distinct needs and attributes. Relentless focus on client communication, full transparency, and accountability. Infrastructure and resources that provide economies of scale while allowing clients a true single-family office experience


An institutional methodology that combines asset allocation and manager selection expertise with a long-term focus to compound multi-generational wealth. Entirely independent and open architecture with an emphasis on identifying new ideas and backing emerging managers. High conviction, customized solutions built specifically for each family.


A recognition that the services desired are predicated on the uniqueness of each client. We respect and welcome the subtleties and complexities each family brings with services that include investment management, financial planning, trust & estate and tax planning, and generational wealth transfer.


Customized software that enables the aggregation of every asset in one report for high-quality, real-time analysis of complex ownership structures and multiple asset classes. Secure cloud-based reporting technology that facilitates integrated analysis and nuanced recommendations.


A select group of clients forming an ecosystem of distinctive families, entrepreneurs, innovators, community leaders, pioneers, and disruptors. Clients that are energized by new ideas, driven by purpose and motivated to pass on their legacy to the next generation.


A fiduciary standard that ensures our loyalty is to the families we serve; not first and foremost, but solely. A level of transparency and simplicity that makes clear our obligation to act for our clients’ benefit.



Experienced institutional investors combining allocation and manager selection expertise to compound multi-generational wealth. Delivering solutions across all private and public asset classes with a special focus on alternatives. Asset location agnostic, we offer a range of services from advisory to fully outsourced portfolio management.


Working with families to align portfolios with goals and values, we are unbound by any product, service, strategy or corporation. We are not paid by any outside manager, nor are we incentivized by how we invest your assets.


Rigorous institutional due diligence process that includes traditional economic and financial analysis, as well as diversity and sustainability criteria. Engaged, active investment partners who are committed to uncovering new ideas and identifying leading investors in their respective industries.


Nick Hofer, CFP®


Laura Tuttle

Co-Chief Investment Officer

Warren Gibbon, CFA

Co-Chief Investment Officer

Josh Leffler

Chief Operating Officer

Taylor Kale

Family Office Director

Tom Callahan, CFP®

Family Office Director

Becky Duseau

Chair, Investment Advisory Board

George Schwartz

Chair, Corporate Advisory Board

The authenticity and conviction we bring to each family office has helped us build an enviable word-of-mouth reputation that ensures that the client’s experience is personal and highly discreet.

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Boston, Massachusetts 02116